Extra Notes : Wham Roots
Wham, Franklin Lafayette (1843-1864) Died Andersonville Wham Payroll Robbery site, visit, April, 2000
Wham, Judge Fred Louis Second Article about  1889 Robbery
Wham, John W. McNinch  Tour the Major Wham Robbery Site on the J-Train
Wham, Joseph Washington, Major
Wham, Ruth Roberta - Memories Wham, Major Jos. - Letter to President
 Wham, Edgar B. Wham  Early Family Bible
 Wham, Steuben Dekalb  Land Ownership, County Antrim, 1870
 Wham, Steuben D._Descendents- lots of information Origin of Wham name?
 Wham, Maude Wham Moore Naturalization Documentation of Benjamin & Family
 Wham, Maude's Brothers Hoyt, Charles M.
 Wham, Raymond Lawrence Hoyt, Daniel Wham
 Wham, Franklin Lafayette
 Wham History Overview -By Tom Wham  Facts about Ireland and Scotland leading to Wham migration to U.S.  Thanks to Paul Wham of London, England
Wham vs Love Trial - York County Court, SC - Contributed by Louise Pettus
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