Ruth Roberta Wham  - Personal Memories

Ruth Roberta Wham < Franklin Lafayette Wham < John W. McNinch Wham < Joseph W. Wham < William Wham < Benjamin Wham

The following files were kindly supplied by Glen Secor, son of Ruth Roberta Wham Secor.  The stories tell of the personal trials and tribulations (including severe hardships) endured by some of our ancestors.  Thanks, Glen, for making these available to all of us!

Editor's Note:  In Ruth's "Early Document", she repeats the story that the name "Wham" was originally "McWham" (or some variation thereof).  This is a common story, which we have all heard, but to date there is no documentation.  This certainly does not mean it did not happen.  If anyone has anything to contribute about this common family fact/myth, please advise.  Enjoy! RAW

 Early Wham History

 Later Wham-Secor History