Descendants of Steuben Dekalb Wham

Submitted by Charles M. Hoyt

Generation No. 1

1. STEUBEN DEKALB 5 WHAM (JOHN MCNINCH 4, JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM 2 , BENJAMIN1) was born 25 May 1855 in Marion County, Illinois, and died 18 May 1941 in Cartter,Marion Co., Illinois. He married (1) ANNA. She was born 08 July 1874, and died June 1971 in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He married (2) EFFIE FLORENCE MORTON 31 July 1879, daughter of JOHN MORTON and REBECCA PAUL. She was born 27 August 1859 in Marion Co., Illinois, and died 24 April 1924 in Cartter,Marion Co., Illinois.


This information was obtained from Fred L. Wham, Jr. in December, 1998.:  Fred Jr. and his cousin, Paul Maulding spent a great deal of time together, and Fred remembers that he and Paul as boys of ten or twelve, made fun of their cousin Steubens name and called him " Stubborn Steuben."

According to his niece, Ruth Roberta Wham Secor, she says her mother, Steubens sister, told her how he went to Carbondale University in rags, with his trousers held up with baling wire. She says he is to be commended for his initiative in getting an education despite the odds.

About 1920 he ran for office in Marion County. Political motto was, " Vote For Steuben Wham, A Real Dirt Farmer."  Steuben and Effie lived for some time at Cartter, Illinois, but spent several years at Sterling, Oklahoma.  Some of the children are still located in that vicinity.

Purchased land in Oklahoma and planted pears, (just as he did at Cartter. He had seventy acres of pears there. ) He later sold out his land in Oklahoma at a great profit. He also owned oil wells in Grady County. He kept the mineral rights on these. He was well off for the times, ( 1920's ).

After the death of Effie, in 1924, he remarried in Idaho, after 1927-28. Other family members reported that his new wife and her family "cleaned him out " financially.

I, myself , never really knew Anna Wham, tho I had seen her a few times as a small kid. The thing that I was impressed with was that I thought she looked exactly like Albert Einstein. She was always adressed as " Mrs. Wham", never Anna or anything else. It was said that as soon as S.D. died, she loaded all the furniture and even their car on a boxcar on the siding and went back out west. I never heard where she went or came from. - - - CMH- - -

According to his niece, Ruth Roberta Wham Secor, "Uncle Stube" was sent to live with his uncle, "Major" Thomas Jefferson Wham,after the death of his parents.

Charles M. Hoyt, Great- Grandson, from my own recollections of stories I have heard as I was growing up- - - - - - - - - - -

Great Grandpa Wham had been a teacher, among other things but he had a blacksmith shop and tool shed about 100 yards from his house. As a kid, I was really intrigued by his tool shed. There was a buggy setting in one corner. In another corner , at the back, was an old Ford Model-T flatbed truck, which I supposed he used in the orchard. I never saw it run. We used his 1938 GMC flatbed. In the front was an old horse drawn sprayer. It had a wooden tank, made with staves like a barrel. It was run by an old, hit and miss Cushman Engine with a plate on it which said it was made in Lincoln, Nebraska. This must have really intrigued me, because I still remember it. I remember we used sulfur and copper sulfate, or 'Blue Vitrol' as my dad called it in the sprayer. In the front corner were his blacksmith tools. There was a big, 130 lb., anvil fastened to one end of a big chunk of log standing on end. There was a big post drill with a crank on the side which was fastened to the wall. Near that, next to the wall, with a brick chimney going thru the roof, was his forge, with a hand cranked blower which we kids could make sound like a siren. He must have been quite an inventor. He walked along the fence every day at noon up to his house for lunch. He would stop at the horse watering trough, dip his head in it and wash his hair. It was said that this was why he had a full, bushy head of hair even as an old man. I doubt it, but it could make you wonder. He was said to have dark red hair and a temper to go with it.

I can remember at the bottom of the stairs in his basement , there was a joist carrier that was cut more than half way thru with a huge notch. Grandma said that one of the many times when he walked down the stairs and hit his head on the joist carrier, he was big, probably 6' 4" anyhow, he stormed out to his garage and came back with his axe. He went downstairs and proceeded to remove most of the offending joist carrier. I guess it didn't jump out and hit his head anymore. It was told that Grandpa and Grandma [ S.D. & Effie ] had driven in every state in the union. I know they said he wouldn't park where he had to back up, for instance, in an angle parking space. He had garage doors on the front and back of his garage so he wouldn't have to back out. I remember Grandma Moore telling about hearing the milk cows bawling at milking time. Upon going over to their house to check on them, they'd find a note saying something to the effect of, 'we've gone to XXXXXX, see you when we get back'. Grandpa must have been partial to Model-T Fords. Now, if you put many miles on a car of that vintage, you would normally have to replace the rod and main bearings fairly often, I suppose because of the poor oil supply to the bearings and the poor quality of oil at that time. Now, most people would remove the engine from the car, turn it upside down on a bench or the floor, melt the lead and pour new bearings. Not Grandpa. He would go up to the store and get some of the loafers to come down and turn his car upside down on it's top right in front of his blacksmith shop. Then he would stand up beside the car, remove the oil pan and proceed to pour the bearings. Since he was tall, he could do this. Then he would put the pan back on , get the guys to help him put it back on it's feet, and he was ready to go. He had made the seats in his car so they would lay down like a bed. He also made screens for the windows so as to keep the bugs out at night. A rolling motel. He also cut the bottom of an oil can down to a vee and soldered it back together. He would put water and coffee in and put it behind the exhaust manifold. After so much time driving, he would have fresh coffee.

Another thing I remember hearing about Grandpa was about his mules. He had two mules, Jim and Jack, which he used for cultivating corn, among other things. One of the two, either Jim or Jack, was stubborn, like Grandpa. He would decide he didn't want to pull the cultivator any more and he would just stop, and he refused to move. Grandpa would jump up on his back, insert the mules ear into his mouth and bite down hard on it. The mule would forget that he was trying to balk and he would just take off as if nothing had happened and he would be alright for the rest of the day. Mind you, I never saw this, but I have heard the story many times.


College: S. Ill. Normal U., Carbondale, Ill.

Occupation: Teacher, Farmer, Blacksmith, ETC

Raised By: Aft. 1872, Thomas Jefferson Wham, "Major"

Children of STEUBEN WHAM and EFFIE MORTON are:


2. ii. JOHN ELLIS WHAM, b. 06 January 1881, Salem Illinois; d. 12 July 1961, Moorcroft, Wyoming.

3. iii. LESLIE ELMER WHAM, b. 04 April 1883, Romaine, Illinois; d. 1946, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

4. iv. MAUDE WHAM, b. 17 April 1885, Jacksonville, Florida; d. 14 February 1948, Herrin Hospital,Williamson Co., Illinois.

5. v. LYLE FRANKLIN WHAM, b. 27 August 1888, Cartter, Illinois; d. 10 November 1972, Kingston, Okla..

6. vi. MARY EVA WHAM, b. 26 March 1891, Cartter Illinois; d. July 1984, Phoenix, Ariz..

7. vii. CLAUDE DEKALB WHAM, b. 09 June 1893, Cartter Illinois; d. 31 October 1964, Wyoming.

8. viii. WILLIAM PAUL WHAM, b. 12 December 1897, Cartter, Illinois; d. 1930, Hibbing, Minnesota.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN ELLIS 6 WHAM (STEUBEN DEKALB 5, JOHN MCNINCH 4 , JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM2 , BENJAMIN 1 ) was born 06 January 1881 in Salem Illinois, and died 12 July 1961 in Moorcroft, Wyoming. He married FLORENCE ADELIA DURHAM 10 November 1901 in Salem, Illinois, daughter of JAMES DURHAM and LOUISA KIDWELL. She was born 05 September 1879 in Benton, Illinois, and died 07 December 1957 in Spearfish, South Dakota.


Burial: Spearfish, Lawrence Co., S.D.

Occupation: Rancher

Children of JOHN WHAM and FLORENCE DURHAM are:

i. JAMES DURHAM 7 WHAM, b. 20 January 1902, Salem Illinois; d. September 1983, Moorcroft, Wyoming.

ii. HAROLD LEHMAN WHAM, b. 13 February 1906, Elgin, Comanche Co., Oklahoma; d. 27 September 1960, Bridger, Carbon Co., Montana.

iii. HOWARD ARCH WHAM, b. 1909; d. 18 March 1974, Mexico.

iv. EDITH WHAM, b. 1914; d. 18 July 1962, Sterling, Colorado.

3. LESLIE ELMER 6 WHAM (STEUBEN DEKALB 5, JOHN MCNINCH 4 , JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM2 , BENJAMIN 1 ) was born 04 April 1883 in Romaine, Illinois, and died 1946 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He married BESSIE MAY DURHAM.


As I remember, Uncle Elmer (Leslie ), was a railroad engineer when a gasoline tank truck stalled on the tracks. Uncle Elmer couldn't stop the train and died in the ensuing accident.  I never knew where it happened, but it must have been in Oklahoma City. ( Charles M Hoyt )


Occupation: Railroad Engineer

Children of LESLIE WHAM and BESSIE DURHAM are:

i. DONALD MALCOLM 7 WHAM, b. 13 June 1909.

ii. HELEN ISABEL WHAM, b. 19 January 1913.

4. MAUDE 6 WHAM (STEUBEN DEKALB 5, JOHN MCNINCH 4 , JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM2 , BENJAMIN 1 ) was born 17 April 1885 in Jacksonville, Florida, and died 14 February 1948 in Herrin Hospital,Williamson Co., Illinois. She married CURTIS EMORY MOORE 09 April 1905 in M E Lutheran Church, Odin, Illinois, son of WASHINGTON MOORE and MARTHA THOMPSON. He was born 24 January 1883 in Xenia,Clay Co., Illinois, and died 06 November 1951 in Medina,Medina Co., Ohio.

Notes for MAUDE WHAM:

Maude Wham & Curtis E. Moore were married April 9, 1905 from handwritten notes by Maude herself, at M E Lutheran Church at Odin, Illinois by Pastor , Reverand L. F. Lawrence. Witness were Elmer Wham, her brother, and Bernie Kell. This is contrary to the handwritten notes by my Mother, and her daughter, Irene
M. Hoyt, that she was married on April 5, 1905 in Robinette Ill. , near Salem. They had a child, Curtis Moore, born and died on April 5, 1906, whom I had never heard of. Maudes name was spelled by herself as Maud. Later, it was spelled Maude.

Maude Moore was my Grandmother. She was running her dad, Steuben DeKalbs Farm in Cartter, Illinois. S.D. had died in 1941.I think it must have been a section. She had 70 acres of mostly, Keiffer Pears and what we called a 300 acre pasture where she ran beef cattle. At this time, she and her husband were separated. She and her husband had been railroad station agents most of her life and she was a good telegraph operator.

In fact, my mother was born on the Fort Sill Indian Reservation, in 1907, where they were station agents. The railroad needed a station agent bad at Texico, Illinois, which was the next station south of Kell, Ill., because most of the menfolk were away in WWII. Consequently, she moved her living quarters into the back of the station at Texico and lived there until the war was over. My parents , Lester and Irene Hoyt, (her oldest daughter), and their boys moved up from their 40 acre farm south of Carbondale to run the farm for her 'til the war was over. She died Feb. 14, 1948 at Herrin, Illinois. Buried at Romaine Cemetery at the corner of Illinois State Highways 37 and 161, near Cartter, Ill, what was called the Centralia Wye.

Recollections of stories I had heard over and over of my grandmother, Maude Wham Moore . By Charles M. Hoyt- - - - - -

Maude Wham Moore and her husband, Curtis E. Moore were railroad station agents on the Fort Sill Indian Reservation in Indian Territory in what is now Oklahoma when my mother, Irene Moore Hoyt was born in 1907. Geronimo, the Apache Indian Chief was imprisoned at Ft. Sill at the time and I understood that he became good friends of Grandpa and Grandma Moore and her brothers.

From Arizona Hist Society - - - Geronimo, famous Chiracahua Apache war leader, surrendered for the fifth and final time in September, 1886. He was deported and imprisoned ( in Florida, then Alabama, and lastly Ft. Sill, Okla.) until his death in 1909.

Geronimo, after being egged on by her brothers, would go up to grandma to shake her hand. They said he was impressed by her height. She was six feet tall, very tall for a woman in that time. She was scared to death of him and he and her brothers knew it. I guess she shook in her boots every time he approached. Her brothers would ask Geronimo, ' how many white men have you killed?'. Geronimo would raise both hands with fingers out stretched nine times. Ninety white men. Then they would say, 'how many more will you kill?' He would hold up both hands one more time. Ten more men. Grandma said he had a coat which he would sometimes wear which was made entirely of white mens scalps. Geronimo was a very intelligent old man with his own beliefs. One time he went out into the buffalo grass and hid from the soldiers. They knew he was inside the reservation but they didn't know just where. It took the soldiers three days marching shoulder to shoulder thru the buffalo grass to find him. He was taken to the St. Louis Worlds Fair of 1904 or The Columbia Exposition, as they called it and put into a cage on display like an animal. Uncle Claude, Grandma's younger brother, walked by and Geronimo saw him. He shook the bars, crying 'oh, Ft. Sill, Ft. Sill'. Uncle Claude had to go up to the cage and explain that he couldn't take him home, he couldn't even get him out of there.

Grandma lived in her father, Steuben's newer house and we, her daughter Irene Moore Hoyt, and her family lived in the old house. Of course, she had living quarters in the back of the R.R. depot at Texico, but she must have gotten a frequent break from that, as I can remember that she spent a considerable amount of time at home in Cartter. I can remember when we boys had 25 Pekin ducks as a 4 -H project. We let them run in what we called the front barn-lot. This was about 3 acres with woven wire fencing around it and a pond of about 1/2 acre. My mom and Grandma decided to can up a batch of peaches. I remember they used 2-quart blue, mason jars. They had a zinc, screw-on lid with a red rubber ring under it to seal. At that time, since Dec., 1942, gasoline rationing was in effect, sugar, among a lot of other things, was in a very short supply and rubber was almost non-existent. The government was experimenting with synthetic rubber and they hadn't gotten very good at it. Evidently the red rings on the peach jars were synthetic rubber, as the next day all the lids had popped up in the middle. This meant that the jars hadn't sealed and the peaches were all bad. We had a lot of peaches to get rid of and Grandma, with her 'waste not, want not' philosophy said, ' you boys take the peaches out and dump them in the hog trough. The ducks will eat them'. We did and the next thing we noticed was that the ducks were all so drunk that they couldn't even stand up. These ducks would lay on their sides or backs with their legs going slowly like they were riding a bicycle, all the while quacking slowly. They were so drunk that Grandma made us boys watch them all day so they couldn't get into the pond, get turned upside down, and drown. Strangely, the ducks all managed to survive. We had a chicken yard back behind her house which you had to walk thru to get to the smoke-house, where we kept our hams, bacon etc. We had a Leghorn rooster in there that was named 'Foo-foo', after an ancient Egyptian king. Now, does that make sense? We boys would tease this rooster so much that every time we got into the chicken yard he would attack us with a vengeance. His spurs were very sharp and when he flogged you with his wings, it felt like someone was hitting you with a stick. He could really bring blood to your leg. One day Grandma was going thru the chicken yard and poor Foo-foo attacked her. I can remember her running back up to her porch and coming back with her broom. She literally beat the snot out of that poor fool rooster. He was laying on his side kicking and squawking and trying to get to his feet and I thought for sure she was going to kill him. I honestly believe thats what she had in mind, but he finally got up and got away. From that day on whenever Grandma even came out into her back yard, old Foo-foo would disappear and he never ever attacked her again. When we boys gave him a chance, tho, he sure would attack us, I think for revenge. We sure had some good times growing up on Grandma's farm. I'm sure we had some bad times, too, but you don't tend to remember that stuff. Eddie Holt, or 'Egghead' who worked in Edgar B. Wham's store always said we boys were' wild and wooly and full of fleas and ain't been curried above the knees'.

More About MAUDE WHAM:

Burial: Romaine Cemetery, Centralia Illinois
Medical Information: Died Feb. 14, 1948 at Herrin, Ill. Hospital ofPeutorutiss ?? Had Ovarian Cancer and Goiter
Occupation: Farmer, Telegraph and Station Agent,

Buried at Litchfield, Illinois , where his sister, Minnie, and Brother-in-law , Charlie Hill lived.

Burial: Litchfield, Illinois
Medical Information: Died Nov. 1952 of Liver Cancer at Medina Ohio

Marriage Notes for MAUDE WHAM and CURTIS MOORE:

Maud Wham and Curtis Emory Moore were married April 9, 1905, from handwritten notes by Maud herself, at M E Lutheran Church at Odin, Illinois by Pastor Reverand L.F.Lawrence. Witnesses were Elmer Wham , her brother , and Bernie Kell.  They had a child, Curtis Moore, born and died on April 5, 1906, whom I had never heard of. Maudes name was spelled by herself as Maud. Later, it was spelled Maude.

Children of MAUDE WHAM and CURTIS MOORE are:

i. CURTIS 7 MOORE, b. 05 April 1906; d. 05 April 1906.


Medical Information: Died at Birth

9. ii. IRENE MAUDE MOORE, b. 03 May 1907, Elgin, Oklahoma (Indian Territory) Now Comanche Co.; d. 04 May 1984, Buffalo, New York, Roswell Park Memorial Institute (Cancer Hospital).

10. iii. INA MAY MOORE, b. 01 May 1909, North Ritchie, Illinois; d. 02 April 1988, Medina, Ohio.

11. iv. IVAN WHAM MOORE, b. 23 March 1922, Cartter, Illinois; d. 05 May 1987, North Ridgeville, Ohio.

5. LYLE FRANKLIN 6 WHAM (STEUBEN DEKALB 5, JOHN MCNINCH 4 , JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM2 , BENJAMIN 1 ) was born 27 August 1888 in Cartter, Illinois, and died 10 November 1972 in Kingston, Okla.. He married (1) MATTIE PARALLE MONDS 26 May 1907. She was born 25 February 1889 in Burnett, Texas, and died December 1968 in Duncan, Oklahoma. He married (2) VERA EUGENIA BROOKS 04 December 1948 in Vernon, Texas. She was born 26 May 1907 in Blanchard, Oklahoma.


I remember Uncle Lyle, at his older sister Maude's (my Grandmother) funeral, telling me that he could pick up a handful of dirt and taste it, and tell you whether there was oil there.  You had better believe every thing he said, I ate up. I was a very awe-struct 14-year old.  Grandma's three brothers were there, Uncle Ellis, Uncle Lyle and Uncle Claude and I had never seen anyone like them. They were all over six feet tall, and very Impressive. Uncle Ellis was the shortest, but still very tall and broad. He had on a dark grey Stetson, a string tie, (which I had never seen before) , a very neat, well cut suit and cowboy boots.

I understood that he was a rancher in Wyoming. Uncle Lyle was dressed the same, but with a white Stetson and a tan Suit. I understood that he was a wild-catter, an oil driller. Uncle Claude had a black, high crown cowboy hat on and he was very talkative, telling me all kind of stories. (My mom later sniffed that the brothers had stopped somewhere after the funeral and had been drinking).

I had heard some wild stories about Uncle Claude in his younger days and he proceeded to bend my ear with some. He showed me a hole on the front of his leg, below the knee, that you could have laid a golf-ball in. The story went that he had been either a Texas Ranger or a Federal Marshall and he was out by himself in the middle of nowhere at night by his campfire when he got bit by a rattlesnake on the leg. I've always heard that the first-aid for this is to cut slits across the wound with your knife and suck the blood out. The problem was, that this was in a place where you couldn't suck out the blood. He proceded to cut a big hunk of meat out of his leg. Then he took a 45 cal. cartridge, pried the lead out and poured the gunpowder into the wound. he then took a piece of burning wood from his fire and lit the gunpowder. It must have worked, because this had happened many years before. This was not just a liquor driven story he just made up for a very impressed kid because I had heard this story but never expected to see where 'X' marks the spot. Needless to say, this dumb kid really looked up to those guys. I never did know what Uncle Claude did in his later years.

( Charles M. Hoyt, grandson of Maude Wham Moore)


Occupation: Oil Driller.

Children of LYLE WHAM and MATTIE MONDS are:

i. ROBERT LYLE 7 WHAM, b. 21 May 1908, Sterling, Comanche Co., Oklahoma.

ii. RALPH EDWIN WHAM, b. 24 November 1909, Kress, Texas; d. 02 September 1989; m. IRENE MOORE.

iii. FANNIE MAUDE WHAM, b. 31 October 1911, Sterling, Comanche Co., Oklahoma; d. 1979; m. ROBERT LAYTON PEDDY ( REDDY ).

iv. MATTHEW LEE WHAM, b. 06 September 1913, Bally, Oklahoma; m. MARY LOUISE JOHNSON.

v. MANFORD AUBREY WHAM, b. 16 June 1915, Kilgore, Oklahoma; d. August 1980, Marlow, Oklahoma.

vi. STEUBEN DEKALB WHAM II, b. 24 February 1917, Kilgore, Oklahoma; d. 05 February 1989, Eufaula, Oklahoma; m. MARY EDITH TIPPS.

vii. JOHN EDWARD WHAM, b. 15 November 1918, Allen Oklahoma; m. MARY MOORE.

viii. JOE NEIL WHAM, b. 10 July 1920, Kilgore, Oklahoma; m. (1) BETTY; m. (2) LAVONNE TERRELL.

ix. NINA RUTH WHAM, b. 10 January 1922, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; m. JAMES L. TERRELL.

x. LYLE FRANKLIN WHAM JR., b. 07 April 1924, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

xi. RUFUS WHEELER WHAM, b. 05 May 1925, Duncan, Oklahoma; d. 22 August 1977, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; m. PEGGY TERRELL.

xii. ELMER EUGENE WHAM, b. 29 January 1927, Duncan, Oklahoma.

6. MARY EVA 6 WHAM (STEUBEN DEKALB 5, JOHN MCNINCH 4 , JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM2 , BENJAMIN 1 ) was born 26 March 1891 in Cartter Illinois, and died July 1984 in Phoenix, Ariz.. She married JOSEPH NATIONS.

Children of MARY WHAM and JOSEPH NATIONS are:








7. CLAUDE DEKALB 6 WHAM (STEUBEN DEKALB 5, JOHN MCNINCH 4 , JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM2 , BENJAMIN 1 ) was born 09 June 1893 in Cartter Illinois, and died 31 October 1964 in Wyoming. He married CLARA A. WEEDMAN. She was born 07 November 1895, and died 07 June 1974.

Children of CLAUDE WHAM and CLARA WEEDMAN are:

i. CECIL CLAUDE 7 WHAM, b. 17 December 1916.

ii. BERTHA DOROTHY WHAM, b. 07 June 1921; m. (1) GLEN JACKSON; m. (2) MELBOURNE SCOTT.

8. WILLIAM PAUL 6 WHAM (STEUBEN DEKALB 5, JOHN MCNINCH 4 , JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM2 , BENJAMIN 1 ) was born 12 December 1897 in Cartter, Illinois, and died 1930 in Hibbing, Minnesota. He married (1) MILDRED SIMPSON. He married (2) MARY IVA WOOLEVER. She was born 1901.




ii. HARRY PAUL 7 WHAM, b. 21 September 1919, Wilson Oklahoma.

Generation No. 3

9. IRENE MAUDE 7 MOORE (MAUDE 6WHAM, STEUBEN DEKALB 5 , JOHN MCNINCH 4, JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM 2 , BENJAMIN1) was born 03 May 1907 in Elgin, Oklahoma (Indian Territory) Now Comanche Co., and died 04 May 1984 in Buffalo, New York, Roswell Park Memorial Institute (Cancer Hospital). She married LESTER EDWARD HOYT 15 October 1928 in Carbondale,Jackson Co. Illinois, son of JAMES HOYT and CLARA EAGAN. He was born 08 May 1884 in Syracuse,Onondaga Co, New York, and died 13 November 1962 in Ava,Jackson Co., Illinois.

Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Ava, Ill.
Cause of Death: Congestive cardiac failure assoc. w/ atrial
Medical Information: fibrillation of heartAutoimmune hemolytic anemiaLymphoma - per Paul Hoyt - Oct. 2000

Medical Information: Parkinsonism - Cardiac Nov. 13,1962Chronic Diseases- Atheiorclerosis , Skin Cancer,(nose)

Children of IRENE MOORE and LESTER HOYT are:

12. i. JOHN LESTER 8 HOYT, b. 07 October 1931, Cleveland, Ohio; d. 29 June 2001, Medina Hospital, Medina Co., Ohio.

13. ii. CHARLES MORTON HOYT, b. 17 August 1933, Bainbridge,Chenango Co., New York.

14. iii. ROBERT STACEY HOYT, b. 06 August 1935, Bainbridge,Chenango Co., New York; d. 09 April 1980, Buffalo, New York , Roswell Park Memorial Institute [Cancer Hospital].

15. iv. DANIEL WHAM HOYT, b. 31 December 1940, Carbondale, Illinois; d. 19 April 1991, Miami, Florida.

16. v. PAUL JAMES HOYT, b. 28 February 1949, Carbondale, Illinois.

10. INA MAY 7 MOORE (MAUDE 6 WHAM, STEUBEN DEKALB 5 , JOHN MCNINCH 4 , JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM 2 , BENJAMIN1) was born 01 May 1909 in North Ritchie, Illinois, and died 02 April 1988 in Medina, Ohio. She married ELMER CHARLES SCHWANDT 11 August 1928 in Carbondale, Illinois, son of FREDERICK SCHWANDT and ANNA WEBER. He was born 05 June 1910 in Cleveland, Ohio, and died 12 November 1955 in Medina, Ohio.


Burial: Medina, Ohio

Grade School: Harveys Point G.S., Cartter, Ill

Medical Information: Had Goiter and Asthma

Occupation: Telephone Operator - Supervisor

Residence: Remsen Rd. Medina, Ohio


Burial: Cleveland, Ohio

Cause of Death: Heart attack , Nov. 12, 1955

Medical Information: Heart Attack while coming home from work at J&L Steel about midnight. His car went under asemi-trailer.Drove his car under a semi-trailer. They saidhe was dead before he hit the truck.

Occupation: Steelworker J & L Steel

Residence: Remsen Rd. Medina, Ohio

Children of INA MOORE and ELMER SCHWANDT are:

17. i. JAMES ELMER 8 SCHWANDT, b. 24 August 1929, Cleveland, Ohio.

18. ii. WILLIAM CHARLES SCHWANDT, b. 22 September 1934, Cleveland, Ohio; d. 04 March 1982, Louisville, Kentucky.

11. IVAN WHAM 7 MOORE (MAUDE 6 WHAM, STEUBEN DEKALB 5 , JOHN MCNINCH 4 , JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM 2 , BENJAMIN1) was born 23 March 1922 in Cartter, Illinois, and died 05 May 1987 in North Ridgeville, Ohio. He married MARY AGNES SAVAGE in Cleveland, Ohio.


Medical Information: Had Goiter and Asthma

Military service: WWII Europe- Purple Heart

Occupation: Delivery Truck Driver

Children of IVAN MOORE and MARY SAVAGE are:

i. RONALDA MAY 8 MOORE, b. 30 October 1942; d. 1971.

19. ii. PATRICIA ANNE MOORE, b. 1945.

20. iii. KATHLEEN MAUDE MOORE, b. 23 November 1947.

iv. DONALD JAMES MOORE, b. August 1949.

v. THOMAS IVAN MOORE, b. August 1950.

vi. JACK DALE MOORE, b. 1956.


Generation No. 4

12. JOHN LESTER 8 HOYT (IRENE MAUDE 7MOORE, MAUDE 6 WHAM, STEUBEN DEKALB 5, JOHN MCNINCH 4 , JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM2 , BENJAMIN 1 ) was born 07 October 1931 in Cleveland, Ohio, and died 29 June 2001 in Medina Hospital, Medina Co., Ohio. He married (1) ELIZABETH BRANNON. He met (2) CAROL JEAN BACA 05 August 1961 in Medina, Ohio, daughter of JOE BACA. She was born 22 December 1940 in Medina, Ohio. He married (3) LINDA MITCHELL 19 August 2000 in Medina , Ohio Medina Moose Club. She was born 07 February 1964.


Burial: Western Reserve National Cem., Rittman, O.

Education: Carbondale Comm. H.S., Carbondale, Ill.

Grade School: Harveys Point G.S., Cartter, Ill

Military service: Bet. 1952 - 1954, Germany, 35th ECB Corporal

Occupation: Bet. 1963 - 1993, Medina City Police - Shift Sgt.

Children of JOHN HOYT and CAROL BACA are:

i. KAREN JEAN 9 HOYT, b. 23 August 1963; m. (1) ROGER REED; m. (2) CHAD BENTON.

ii. JOHN EDWARD HOYT, b. 29 December 1964.

13. CHARLES MORTON 8 HOYT (IRENE MAUDE 7MOORE, MAUDE 6 WHAM, STEUBEN DEKALB 5, JOHN MCNINCH 4 , JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM2 , BENJAMIN 1 ) was born 17 August 1933 in Bainbridge,Chenango Co., New York. He married BEVERLY ANN CARLTON 08 December 1956 in E.U.B. Church, Chippewa Lake,Medina Co., Ohio, daughter of FLOYD CARLTON and LENA LANCE. She was born 18 November 1938 in Lodi Hospital, Medina Co., Ohio.


Charles Morton Hoyt

BORN August 17, 1933 Bainbridge, N.Y.

GRADE SCHOOL Harveys Point School near Cartter Ill. One room school with Eight grades, one teacher and 18 kids, max. School was named for a Mr. Harvey, who was killed by Indians. I remember his headstone back in the woods, with a simple 'Harvey, killed by Indians', on it. No date. The school was in a deep woods. I would sometimes ride a horse to school. We only had to go to school for eight months of the year, September thru April.

We ran our Grandmothers farm for her during the WWII years. She had been a railroad telegraph operator and this was vital to the war effort so, at about 55 years of age, the government talked her into moving into a one-man RR station at Texico Illinois for the duration of the war. She had a 300 acre pasture and ran beef cattle, plus she had the assorted hayfields etc. and a 70 acre pear orchard. The neighbors always said we boys were ' wild and wooly and full of fleas', and I imagine they
were right.

For some strange reason, I went from 4th grade to 6th grade then to 8th grade then back to the 7th grade where I graduated from Grade School in the spring of 1946 at the ripe old age of 12. The menfolk were coming home from the war then, so we moved back down to our 40 acre farm about 90 miles south, in the Ozarks of Southern Illinois, just outside of Carbondale, Ill. This farm, being about 1/2 mile from the road, in the Shawnee National Forest didn't have electricity so we heated and cooked with wood and used kerosene lamps. We boys got to be very good with a double bit axe and a two-man saw. And we didn't even have to join an exercise club!

Just after I turned 16, a local politician had the revelation that our 1/2 mile driveway was still a State Highway, because the State hadn't deeded the road back to us when they straightened the highway, leaving us 1/2 mile back in the woods. Thusly, the State had to run poles and wire back to our house, which was a very expensive proposition, for them.

At that time, I had an old John Deere tractor with which I did custom plowing and fitting for local farmers at $2.00 an hour. This was considered big money at that time, as the old tractor burned kerosene at 12 cents a gallon and used a gallon an hour wide open. I had so much work, with going to school and chores, I put electric and lights on the old tractor from a 1936  Plymouth. It looked pretty ugly, but it worked and I could work most of the night. Since I had electrified my tractor, I must have thought I knew just about every thing there was to know about electricity So I bought a book from Sears, Roebuck and Co. telling how to wire up a house. I checked for shorts using the battery power from the tractor. Miraculously, the house didn't burn down and was still standing in the early 60's when the college bought the farm from my parents.

I graduated from Carbondale Community High School on June 2, 1950. Since I was only 16, I was too young to get a job, I went to Southern Illinois University for a year to be a Forest Ranger, which was the only professional I had ever had much contact with. In the early summer of 1951, after a year of college, I was still only 17 and still doing custom plowing all my spare time. My Uncle, from Weymouth Ohio, who was Secretary-Treasurer of the Steelworkers Union at J&L Steel in
Cleveland, came down for a vacation. He loved it down there in the Ozarks and visited every chance he could. He told me 'as soon as you're 18, come up and stay with us and I'll get you a job in the steel mill'. I was 18 on August 17, 1951, and on September 4, 1951, I was working in the mill. Counting my 2 years in the Army, I spent 6-1/2 years in the mill, until they closed down the plate mill and sent it to Pittsburgh.

With the Korean War going on, I was drafted June 19, 1953. I spent my time as fire direction in the Armored Artillery in the French Zone in Germany, coming back home May 10, 1955. In 1956, I met the proverbial farmers daughter from Lafayette. I had no knowledge at all of Lafayette, so when she told me she lived on a dirt road, I told her she would have to meet me in Medina, as I wasn't going to drive my new 1956 Chevy on a dirt road. We were married on December 8, 1956. We started building our new house in the spring of 1957 on one acre and we still live in the same house, only expanded and with 15 acres as a buffer zone.

On February 23, 1958, our son, Gary was born. At about this time, I was laid off from the steel mill and I went to work for the Ford dealer, Frank Feckley, in Medina.
On February 19, 1959, our daughter, Diane was born. On June 1, 1959, I started work as a city mail carrier for $2.00 an hour or $4035 a year, which was a raise from Feckley's. I delivered mail for 8-1/2 years, most of the time working two jobs, because of the low pay. I did everything, from driving dump truck, beer truck, night gas station operator for Sohio, to night camera operator for Gowe Printing. On January 5, 1961, our daughter Sharon was born. In the mid 60's, I was taking correspondence courses in electronics to get my A&E radio license so I could go to work for the airlines. My second boss at the time, Neil Gowe, for whom I was doing some repair and acting as camera operator, told me he would pay me whatever the airlines would pay to go to work for him as a machine repairman. This was
too good to pass up so I quit the Post Office at the end of 1967, just before the Christmas rush. We took the retirement money I had paid into the Post Office and paid off our house in 1968. Some doubted our wisdom, but it was a very good move. Since January 1, 1968, this has been my profession. I retired 6 Years ago on January 5, 1996, as a Journeyman Machine Repairman. My wife, Bev, also retired at the same time. My title was Electronic Technician. I found a job I enjoyed
and found that people would pay me well to do it. This is also my hobby. I have a 40 X 44 ft. shop with woodworking, welding, metal lathes, and painting equipment, so I can do whatever pleases me.

Our son, Gary, graduated from Kent State as an Industrial Designer. Since 1995, he has been President and chief operating officer of MCA Sign Co., in Massillon, O., the first company he went to when he got out of college. Our older daughter, Diane, became a Court Recorder, then she went to work for Highland High School, where her two kids went. She has been there in the Guidance Office for 13 years now, in 2002. Her two children, Kristen and Mike, are both attending Akron University. Our youngest daughter, Sharon has been in working in Physical Therapy at Medina Hospital for many years now, she seems to enjoy it. Her youngest son, Bret, is in grade school in Seville now and her oldest son, Kyle, Is in junior high.

This has been an interesting ride, but I'm not done yet.


College: Bet. 1950 - 1951, Southern Ill. U., Carbondale, IL
Grade School: June 1946, Graduated Harveys Point G.S. Cartter, IL
Graduation: June 1950, Carbondale Comm H.S., IL
Military service: Bet. 1953 - 1955, Germany 2nd Arm'd Div FDC Arty.
Occupation: Bet. 1968 - 1996, Machine Repairman
Retirement: 06 January 1996, Van Dorn, Strongsville, OH

Education: May 1956, Graduated, Medina Comm. H.S.
Grade School: Bet. 1944 - 1952, Lafayette Grade School
Occupation: Bet. 1978 - 1995, Billing Clerk, HWI, Medina, O.
Residence: Aft. December 1957, 7124 Spencer Lake Rd., Medina, O.
Retirement: January 1996, From HWI, Medina, Ohio


i. GARY CHARLES 9 HOYT, b. 23 February 1958, Medina Hospital, Medina Co.,Ohio; m. (1) DANA COMPAN, 30 April 1988, Massillon, Ohio; b. 08 December 1963; m. (2) JENNIFER A. LAASE, 05 July 1996, Leesville Lake, Bowerston,Carroll Co., Ohio; b. 04 June 1963.

ii. DIANE LYNN HOYT, b. 19 February 1959, Medina Hospital, Medina Co., Ohio; m. JAMES GEORGE GAMAUF, 27 June 1981, Methodist Church, Copley,Summit Co., Ohio; b. 08 June 1953, Medina Hospital, Medina Co., Ohio.

iii. SHARON ANN HOYT, b. 05 January 1961, Medina Hospital, Medina Co., Ohio; m. KEVIN DAVID NEHRENZ, 17 August 1985, Trinity United Church of Christ,Wadsworth,Medina Co. Ohio; b. 14 February 1961, Medina Hospital, Medina Co., Ohio.

14. ROBERT STACEY 8 HOYT (IRENE MAUDE 7MOORE, MAUDE 6 WHAM, STEUBEN DEKALB 5, JOHN MCNINCH 4 , JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM2 , BENJAMIN 1 ) was born 06 August 1935 in Bainbridge,Chenango Co., New York, and died 09 April 1980 in Buffalo, New York , Roswell Park Memorial Institute [Cancer Hospital]. He married (1) BEVERLY MAXINE SMITH. She was born 18 April 1940 in Medina, Ohio. He married (2) CATHERINE ANNE DROZIK 1956 in Angola, Indiana.


Burial: Zanesville, Ohio

Cause of Death: Lung Cancer

Occupation: Shoe Stores - Zanesville-Columbus area

Residence: Zanesville, Ohio

Children of ROBERT HOYT and BEVERLY SMITH are:

i. SUSAN LYNN 9 HOYT, b. 07 September 1961; m. RON HENDERSON.

ii. BRENDA LEE HOYT, b. 23 October 1963; m. SCOTT SUTHERLAND.


iii. KENNETH LESTER 9 HOYT, b. 30 September 1956.


Adopted by: Stepfather - Lawrence

iv. RICHARD STACEY HOYT, b. 23 November 1957.


Adopted by: Stepfather - Lawrence

v. PEGGY ANNE HOYT, b. 12 January 1959.


Adopted by: Stepfather - Lawrence.

15. DANIEL WHAM 8 HOYT (IRENE MAUDE 7MOORE, MAUDE 6 WHAM, STEUBEN DEKALB 5, JOHN MCNINCH 4 , JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM2 , BENJAMIN 1 ) was born 31 December 1940 in Carbondale, Illinois, and died 19 April 1991 in Miami, Florida. He married PATRICIA ELAINE THOMPSON 15 August 1964 in Tuscola Illinois. She was born 08 August 1941 in Tuscola, Illinois.


Dan went to the Univ of Illinois at Champaign. He told that when he was first enrolled, he was assigned to a certain room

in a dorm. The other person assigned to this same room, whom he did not know, asked him ," Where did you get a name like Wham for a middle name ?" Dan replied that it was a family name. The other guy said, " thats really strange, because I'm here on a scholarship from Wham & Wham in Centralia, Illinois". It turned out that his mother had worked for years as a secretary for Wham & Wham. His name was Jim Brady and he went on to become President Ronald Reagan's press secretary and was shot in the head by John Hinckley in an assassination attempt. His wife, Sarah, pushed to enact what was called the 'Brady Bill'. This was to ensure that prospective gun buyers would have a background check before each sale.

Dan died of heart failure at age 50.

Dans obituary from the Civil Engineering Alumni Association Newsletter, University of Illinois, Winter 1991-92

Daniel W. Hoyt (BS'63) - (1940 - 1991)

Daniel W. Hoyt, a Fellow of ITE and a senior transportation engineer with Post, Buckley, Schuh & Jernigan, Inc., in Miami, Florida, died on April 19, 1991, at the age of 50.

Hoyt had served as an officer in the New York Upstate Section from 1974 to 1976 and in District 1 in 1977, from 1978 to 1980, he served as an international director from District 1. In 1990 he served as a Transit Council director.

Hoyt began his professional career as a traffic accident engineer in the central office of Illinois Division of Highways. He later joined Alan M. Vorhees & Associates in Washington, D.C. and McLean Virginia area. Hoyt went on to establish the firms' office in Buffalo, New York.

In 1972, Hoyt became Commissioner of Transportation for the city of Buffalo. In that capacity he organized and administered the new Department of Transportation and was responsible for all facets of traffic engineering, transportation planning, and parking and transit operations.

After five years with DOT, Hoyt became the manager of the Office of Planning and Environment and then the Office of Engineering.

He was instrumental in the planning and development of the light rail program for the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority.

Hoyt then served as rail planning coordinator of the city of Dallas, Texas, where he reviewed station area plans, planning criteria, and development of alignments and engineering concepts.

Hoyt had been with Post, Buckley, Schuh & Jernigan since 1989. He directed a variety of traffic, transit, and corridor projects, including a feasibility study for a new tunnel serving the Port of Miami seaport facility.

Hoyt is survived by his wife and four children.


Burial: Miami, Fla

Cause of Death: Heart attack Apr. 19, 1991

College: Univ of Illinois

Degree: 1963, Bachelor of Science

Occupation: Civil Engineer




iii. STACEY PATRICIA HOYT, b. 03 December 1966, Washington, D.C.; m. KEITH HARRIS.

iv. DANIEL WAYNE HOYT, b. 05 May 1968, Washington, D.C.; m. SHARON.

16. PAUL JAMES 8 HOYT (IRENE MAUDE 7MOORE, MAUDE 6 WHAM, STEUBEN DEKALB 5, JOHN MCNINCH 4 , JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM2 , BENJAMIN 1 ) was born 28 February 1949 in Carbondale, Illinois. He married LINDA KAY MCCLURE 07 June 1967 in Ava, Illinois, daughter of WILLIAM MCCLURE and EDITH MEZO. She was born 02 October 1949 in Ava, Illinois.


Occupation: Ill. State Highway Dept.

Retirement: Jan 2001

Children of PAUL HOYT and LINDA MCCLURE are:

i. ALLEN LEE 9 HOYT, b. 13 November 1968, Pinckneyville, Illinois; m. MARLO ANN CHEATHAM, 17 July 1987, Campbell Hill, Ill. Post Oak Lutheran Church; b. 26 January 1969, Murphysboro, Illinois.


Occupation: Mechanic- Own Garage

ii. BRIAN DALE HOYT, b. 03 November 1970, Pinckneyville, Illinois; m. JINA DAWN MCCLURE, 26 November 1993; b. 20 September 1973, Carbondale, Illinois.

17. JAMES ELMER 8 SCHWANDT (INA MAY 7MOORE, MAUDE 6 WHAM, STEUBEN DEKALB 5, JOHN MCNINCH 4 , JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM2 , BENJAMIN 1 ) was born 24 August 1929 in Cleveland, Ohio. He married (DOT) DOROTHY MAY BOOHER 30 June 1948 in Henderson, Kentucky, daughter of WALTER and GLADYS. She was born 11 June 1927.

Children of JAMES SCHWANDT and (DOT) BOOHER are:

i. LINDA MAY 9 SCHWANDT, b. 09 May 1949, Salem, Illinois.

ii. LESLIE CHARLES SCHWANDT, b. 15 December 1953, Medina, Ohio.

iii. JEFFERY ALLEN SCHWANDT, b. 20 December 1961, Medina, Ohio.

iv. STEVEN LEE SCHWANDT, b. 31 October 1966, Medina, Ohio.

18. WILLIAM CHARLES 8 SCHWANDT (INA MAY 7MOORE, MAUDE 6 WHAM, STEUBEN DEKALB 5, JOHN MCNINCH 4 , JOSEPH W. 3 , WILLIAM2 , BENJAMIN 1 ) was born 22 September 1934 in Cleveland, Ohio, and died 04 March 1982 in Louisville, Kentucky. He married (1) SHEILA. He married (2) BETTY MEADE.

Children of WILLIAM SCHWANDT and SHEILA are:

i. TEDDI 9 SCHWANDT, b. 1954.

ii. STEVE SCHWANDT, b. 1956.


iii. ALAN LOUIS 9 SCHWANDT, b. 12 November 1966.


Children of PATRICIA MOORE and KENNETH are:

i. KELLY 9.

ii. DAWN.





ii. DAVID MOORE, b. July 1969.