Landowners-County Antrim

Posted by Jean Rice <> on Fri, 18 Aug 2000
Surname: Wasson, Watson, Watt, Watters, Watts, Waveny, Weir, Welsh, Wham, Wharton, Whisker, White, Whiteford, Whitla, Whittie, Whittle, Wiley, Williamson, Willis, Craig, Stafford, Shaw

Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Antrim, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s. Note, an unusual first or middle name may be the surname of an allied family.

1. James Wasson and Robert Craig, address Ballymena, owned 273 acres.
2. Samuel Wasson, address Ballycreggy, Ballymena, owned 21 acres.
3. Alfred Watson, no address given, owned 3 acres worth 598 pounds.
4. James Watson, address Great Victoria-street, owned 1 acre worth 438 pounds.
5. Robert Watson, address Percy-street, owned 1 acre.
6. William Watson, address Co. Wicklow, owned 2,991 acres.
7. William Watt, address M'Vickersland, Doagh, owned 128 acres.
8. John Watters, address Balmoral, Belfast, owned 1 acre.
9. James Watts, address Racavan, Ballymena, owned 32 acres.
10. Lord Waveny, address The Castle, Ballymena, owned 6,546 acres.
11. Arthur C. Weir, address Dunmurry, owned 15 acres.
12. Captain Hector Weir, Reps. of, address Mount Oriel, Antrim, owned 15 acres.
13. Thomas Weir, address Old Forge, Dunmurry, owned 16 acres.
14. James Welsh, address Ballynamally, owned 24 acres.
15. Richard Welsh, address Cross, Ballymena, owned 10 acres.
16. John Wham, address Carnlea, Ballymena, owned 25 acres.
17. Joseph Wham, same address, owned 22 acres.
18. William Wharton, address Townsend-street, owned 1 acre.
19. James Whisker, address Ballyclare, owned 9 acres.
20. Archibald White, address Hillhead, Ballycastle,owned 88 acres.
21. Brothers White, address Muckamore, Antrim, owned 52 acres.
22. Daniel White, address Ballymena, owned 11 acres.
23. Hugh White, address Skegoniel, owned 2 acres.
24. James White, address Moyarget, Ballycastle, owned 30 acres.
25. John White, address Leland, Ballycastle, owned 124 acres.
26. John White, address Glenfield, Crumlin, owned 38 acres.
27. John White, address Whitehall, Broughshane,owned 2,897 acres.
28. John White, Reps. of, address Regent-street, Belfast, owned 9 acres.
29. Major White, (first name and address not given), owned 5,996 acres.
30. Nathaniel White, address Ballyreagh, Clough, owned 58 acres.
31. Thomas White, address Moyarget, Ballycastle, owned 30 acres.
32. Rev. James Whiteford, address Balllyvernstown, Larne, owned 38 acres.
33. William J. Whiteford, address Ballyboley, Ballynure, owned 20 acres.
34. Alice Whitla, address Greencastle, owned 95 acres.
35. George Whitla, address Lisburn, owned 89 acres.
36. George Whitla, Reps. of, address Ballygoland, owned 1 acre.
37. Val. Whitla, Reps. of, address Cave Hill, Belfast, owned 545 acres.
38. George Whittie (sp?), but as it appears on index, address Belfast, owned 774 acres.
39. John Whittle, address Kingsbog, Doagh, owned 1 acre.
40. Stafford Whittle, Reps. of, address Thrustleborough, Crumlin, owned 152 acres.
41. William Whittle, address Kingsbog, Doag, owned 7 acres.
42. Hugh Wiley, address Ballyhobert, Doagh, owned 75 acres.
43. Mrs. Wiley, address Bray, Co. Wicklow, owned 1,692 acres.
44. Hugh Williamson, address Ballywee, Parkgate, owned 34 acres.
45. James Williamson, address Ballybought, owned 49 acres.
46. Samuel Williamson, same address, also owned 49 acres.
47. Shaw Williamson, address Freemanstown, Parkgate, owned 33 acres.
48. Thomas Williamson, address Hercules-street, owned 1 acre.
49. Wm. John Williamson, same address, also owned 1 acre.
50. John Willis, address Shankhill-road, owned 3 acres.