Wham Family Bible

Posted by Nancy Crayton <sloanc@mindspring.com> on Thu, 14 Dec 2000

Surname: WHAM, GAULT

This is a transcription of the family bible of Joseph Wham and his wife Eleanor Elizabeth GAULT. The spellings
included are reproduced exactly as in the Bible. Joseph WHAM left Ireland sailing from Belfast on the ship
Pormaro in November 1806. He was a child of 3 at the time. According to his father Joseph's naturalization
application, the family arrived in Chester County, SC in May 1807. The family story says that a storm blew them
off course so that they were shipwrecked in Cuba for a while. Eleanor Elizabeth GAULT was a young girl when
her family came over from Ireland, arriving in Baltimore first and then joining her grandmother, Eleanor
MITCHELL GAULT GREER, in York. She and her sister Barbara GAULT married WHAM brother, Joseph &
William, respectively, in Chester County prior to settling in Greenville County, SC.

This is from a copy of a photocopy of the Bible which 30 years ago was in the possession of Mrs. Mattie Wham. I
have no knowledge of who has the bible now.

Page 1.
Family Record.
Joseph Wham and Elener Gault was married on the 16th of September 1827.

Page 2.
Family Record
(These are the birth records of the children of Joseph & Eleanor Elizabeth Gault Wham)
Robert Wham was born September 20, 1830
John G. Wham born June the 1st 1833
Joseph Wham Junior was born March the 6th 1836
James G. Wham (the middle letter is hard to read) was born October the 16. 1838
Marget Amandy (Margaret Amanda) was born April the 7. 1841
Barbery Wham Jun (Barbara Wham, Junior) was born August the 9th. 1842

(The first two entries are the parents of Joseph Wham who settled their family in Chester County in May 1807)
Margaret Wham Sr. died November the 16. 1842
Joseph Wham Sr. died November the 20th 1855 Aged 87 years
Ellen Wham Senior Died on June the 6th 1868.
Barbery Wham Junier Died on August the 10 1866
Joseph Wham Sr. Died Nov. 4th 1878

Page 3.
Family Record.
(the first entry is scratched through -- "Born November the 14th. 1844" is still readable so I think this entry was re-entered on the third line for "Mary Ellen")
Elisabeth Wham was born April 14th 1843
Mary Ellen was born November the 14 1844
William Wham Jun was born Janary 28 1847
Nancy Wham was born September the 25th 1848

Robert Wham Died June 27 1832 (this is a brother of Joseph Wham. He was born in Ireland ca. 1796. He is buried in Chester County. Married Hannah Hamilton. His son, Joseph Wham, also died at a young age. All other surviving members of the family
emigrated to Illinois. No male descendants.)
William Wham Died febuary the 28th 1847 (this is the other brother of Joseph Wham. He was killed when he was thrown from his horse against a tree. He was only 50 years old)

Page 4.
Family Record
(The following are parents & siblings of Eleanor Elizabeth Gault who married Joseph Wham)
John Gault Senr. Was born Nov the 28. 1785
Elizabeth Gault Senr. Was born Janry the 4, 1783 (a court case filed in York County in the 1830's, Wham vs. Love, states that her maiden name was Gingles. Her will is on file in York County.)
John Gault Jn.Was born Sept. the 17. 1804
James Gault Was born Apr. the 22. 1807
Barbra Gault Was born Nov the 24. 1808 (hard to read, I think it's "24") (wife of William Wham)
Elizabeth Gault Was born Oct the 8. 1811 (wife of Joseph Wham)
Joseph Gault Was born July the 28, 1814
George W Gault (I think this is "W", but may be "H". Script is very florid.)