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12/1/2006  Final note from "Web Keeper":  After a run of eight years, it's time to pass the torch on to younger hands!  It's been hard work and a lot of fun.  I have received messages from more "cousins" than I ever knew existed.  We have had the pleasure to meet several of them from all over the country, and it never would have happened without the "miracle" of the world wide communications potential of the internet!  Thanks to all who have made this web site what it is.  If any of the "cousins" are ever in the area of Western Kentucky/Southern Illinois please stop by.  For the forseeable future, the present web site will be left online, but will not be further updated.

Thanks much to Thomas James Wham and Thomas Bruce Wham for accepting the challenge to keep the Wham Family Tree alive on the net!   Please help them by sending additional information to them at the above link.

3/25/2006  News from "Web Keeper":  Fred L. Wham, Jr. of Centralia, Illinois, my Dad, died on March 13, 2006, just a few hours short of his 96th birthday.  Everyone is telling me he/she is "sorry".  Well, I'm sorry too, but his death was more of a blessing than a curse.  He had been "house-bound" for the past several years, unable to get out of  bed for the past several months.  He was still fairly alert mentally, and with his physical limitations,  he situation was pretty grim.  It was only with round the clock personal care that he was able to remain in his own home.  Especially since the death of my Mom, in November, 2005, Dad's life had become more of a matter of day to day survival than any source of satisfaction to him.  Thanks to all who have expressed their condolences and kind words.

Now the good news:  In going through some of Dad's personal letters, I came across a clipping from about ten or fifteen years ago, about a group of people trying to organize some system of taking care of Wham Hill Cemetery.  On the clipping was written the name "Gain" and a telephone number.  I reached Walter Earl Gain, who had been taking care of Wham Hill Cemetery for many years, until poor health forced him to give it up a few years ago.  (Thanks from all of us to "Earl".)  Walter Earl Gain has several family members buried at WHC.  I was lucky to call him at the time he was being visited by his daughter, Joyce Myers.  After some discussion, we determined that we are distant cousins!  Her great grandmother was Mary Isabella Wham, who married Joel Harvey Gain.  Always wonderful to "meet" another cousin.  We had a great conversation with lots of common denominators - mainly centered around the Cartter, Kell, Kinmundy communities near Centralia and Salem, Illinois.
It really is a small world!

2/20/2005 - Overview of Wham History - England, Scotland, Ireland, America.  Possible origin of name - Submitted by Thomas J. Wham, Mountain Home, Arkansas.  This is the single BEST contribution to this web site!  If you don't go anywhere else - go here: Tom Wham History

10/22/2004 - Important new piece of puzzle:  Benjamin Wham Deed, April 4, 1798

11/16/2004 More Clues - Naturalization Documentation of Benjamin & Family
Information about this web site: Benjamin - Father of William and Joseph
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