Benjamin Wham Deed

F:195, No. 104A, 1798 Apr 4, Chester Co., SC: John Wier of Chester sold to Benjamin Wham of Chester 104 acres on Sandy River.

The State of South Carolina
Know all men by these presents that I John Wier of Chester county Pinckney District and State aforesaid for and in consideration of the sum of One hundred & fifty silver dollars to me paid by Benjamin Wham of Chester county Pinckney District & State aforesaid have Granted bargain Sold & released and by these presents do Grant bargain sell and release unto the said Benjamin Wham all the Plantation or tract of Land containing one hundred & four acres Situate in the District of Camden on the waters of Sandy River bounded by lines running S.E. by Major Grishams James Trussels Thomas B. Franklin's & Vacant lands N.E. by Jas. Trussel's Land E. by David Morrow's land No by vacant land S. W. by vacant & William Nun's land & No. W. by David Pruits land & hath such shape form & marks as the original Plat represents Together with all & singular the rights members Hereditaments & appurtenances to the said premises belonging or in any wise Incident or Appurtaining. To Have & to hold all & singular the premises before mentioned unto the said Benjamin Wham his Heirs & assigns forever. The aforesaid Plantation was original Granted to Samuel Lowrie the first day of December Anno Domini 1788 by the State of South carolina said Samuel Lowrie did make over said Plantation by a Deed bearing dates the twenty-first day of March Anno Domini 1795 to John Trussel And the sd John Trussel did make over the said plantation by a Deed bearing date the first day of December 1795 to the aforesaid John Wier. And I the said John Wier do hereby bind myself my heirs Executors & Administrators to Warrant & forever defend all & singular the aforesaid premises unto the aforesaid Benjamin Wham his heirs and assigns against myself & my heirs & against every person whomsoever Lawfully claiming or to claim the same or any part thereof. Given under my had & seal this fourth day of April Anno Domini one thousand Seven hundred & ninety eight & of the Independence of the united States of America the twentysecond.
Signed Sealed & Delivered in the presence of us} JohnWeir
William Rainey, James Woodburn, Andr Crawford}

Recd of Benjamin Wham the sum of one hundred & fifty Silver dollars it being the full consideration money within mentioned. Received this 4th day of April 1798 by me
Witness William Rainey, Jas Woodburn Andr Crawford} John Weir

The State of South carolina
I Joseph Brown one of the Judges of Chester County court do hereby Certify unto all to whom it may concern that Molley Weir wife of the within named John Weir did this day appear before me and upon being privately & separately examined by me, Did declar that she does freely voluntarily & without any compulsion dread or fear of any persons whomsoever renounce release & forever Relinquish unto the within named Benjamin Wham his Heirs & assigns all her Interest & Estate & also all her right & Claim of Dower of in or to all & singular the premises within mentioned & Released. Given under my hand & seal this 16th day of April Anno Domini 1798 Mary Weir
JoBrown J C

September Chester Intermediate Court 1798 This Deed was acknowledged in open Court by John Weir and ordered to be Recorded
Teste Saml Lacey Clk Recorded 10th May 1798