This is an attempt to have a web presence for the Whams of America. It  was started in the last week of September, 1998.  At that time I only had three days of research under my belt.  The material contained at that  point had been contributed by my father, Fred L. Wham, Jr., Centralia, IL, Lael Nesmith Snyder, Salem, IL -  cousin, and Thomas J. Wham, Mountain Home, AR,  - another cousin.  All credit goes to them, and all the mistakes and omissions are mine! The Marion County, IL, Genealogy  page had some links which were helpful.  ("Wham Family Roots" is now included in the Marion County, Illinois links.) It is my intention to add information as it comes in, time permitting.  This web site "belongs" to all Wham family members and relatives.  Please feel that this is your roots page and accept the responsibility of adding your information to it.

Several inconsistencies exist in the information, comparing the "Northern Branch" and "Southern Branch" - most notably the name of the father of Joseph and William.  His name is either Joseph or Benjamin.  Please help us resolve this dilemma.  Please submit additions, corrections, and comments.  This page will always be under construction.

Henderson, KY 9/25/1998.

P.S.  2/1/1999 - Additional information has been added with the help of Ted Wham, Robert S. Wham, Shirley Ann Wham Ingalls, and Maureen McClintock Rischard.  Thanks to all!

P.S. 10/01/1999 - Great Find!  Nancy Ellen Chapman Crayton, grand daughter of Nancy Louise Wham b. August 6, 1892, has contributed a GED file containing information about the "Southern Branch" of the Wham family.  What a wonderful contribution!  Thanks Nancy. Reply to Nancy Ellen Chapman Crayton:

P.S. 4/12/2000 - Just received from Mary Wilma Wham Monroe - copy of Wham Family History.  Represents work of past 40 years!  Thanks!  (Excellent Wham overview by Mary Wilma Wham Monore of Lurens, SC.)

P.S. 4/22/2000 - It appears that the first Wham in America was Benjamin.  (Based on information from Mary Wilma Wham Monroe and British Aliens 1812.)

P.S. 10/22/2004 - Important new piece of puzzle:   Benjamin Wham Deed, April 4, 1798

P.S. 2/20/2005 - Overview of Wham family - England, Scotland, Ireland, America -  Tom Wham History

If you are aware of any "treasure trove" of Wham family history, please let me know how I might contact that person.  Also, when you make contact, please indicate if it would be permissible to list your email address to a future list to facilitate communications among  Wham family members.

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