1. Marjorie Wham, daughter of George D. Wham                 2. Fred L. Wham, Jr. , son of Fred L. Wham
3. Paul Mauding, s. of Eunice Wham Maulding                      4. Mary Ruth Wham, d. of Edgar Wham
5. Dorothy Maulding, d. of Eunice Wham Maulding               6. Anna Jane Wham, d. of Edgar Wham
7. James B. Wham, s. of Charles Wham                                8. Edith Page Wham, wife of George D. Wham
9. Nancy Jane Stonecipher Wham                                        10. Henderson Boyakin Wham
11. Nellie Eunice Wham Maulding, wife of Tunis Maulding    12.  Phoebe Wham Gaston
13. Elbert Parrel Gaston                                                        14. Charles  Bernard Wham
16. George D. Wham, Jr.                                                      17. George Dorritt Wham
18. John Mount                                                                     19.  Mrs. Bundy, mother of Pauline Bundy Wham
20. Mother of Nina Shanklin Wham                                       21. Nina Shanklin Wham, wife of Fred L. Wham, Sr.
22. Fred Louis Wham, Sr.                                                     23. Versa Mount
24. Sarah Pauline Bundy Wham, wife of Charles Wham         25. Edgar Boyakin Wham
26. Benjamin Wham                                                              27. Florence Wham
28. Tunis E. Maulding                                                            29. John Page Wham
30. Anna Mary Blair Wham, wife of Edgar B. Wham

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